Saturday 13th May 2017
at the Centre of Excellence


The producers of the Solo Beverages Annual Mother’s Day Spectacular are pleased to announce an exciting new and expanded show for 2017, on Saturday 13th May at the Centre of Excellence at 8.00pm. After featuring in Concert last year, and attracting the biggest crowd in more than a decade the young, energetic and highly creative duo of Neval Chatelal and Nishard M  by public demand , will once again lead a very powerful team of local artistes with a tinge of Caribbean flavor.

The show this year is going to be special in many respects- Both Neval and Nishard are already planning something different and unique- full of entertainment value and quality singing.. The very popular KI will make a guest appearance and his band with added musicians to give an Orchestra effect will provide music. One of Guyana’s finest Raja now known as soca raja will render some choice rafi, Mahendra kapoor and local hits, Nirmala Sesnarayan remembers Anand Yankaran with some of his songs, the absolutely wonderful performer Sally Sagram will also be part of this cast that includes the Khal Nayak Dance Group, Amit Dookram, Master Saleem, Trisha Ramdhan, Shiva Chaitoo and much more.

The produces recognizes the economic conditions we are now facing but knows that our audiences are always looking for quality local entertainment, well presented in a comfortable and secure environment and are pleased to announce that there is an advance offer for tickets of General 120 and VIP 250. Tickets will be available just after Easter. Please visit the website or call 638 1171 for reservations and information. .