Mastana Bahar 2015

Jairam Dindial of Kelly Village  emerged as the winner of Mastana Bahar  last week. Jairam  impressed the judges with his rendition of song done in the local classical tradition. The second prize was won by Vishnu Ramkaran of Rio Claro, while Vandana Tulsie of Penal placed third. The fourth prize was won by Amit Sagram of El Dorado and the fifth prize was won by Rawle Motilal of Princes Town.

This programme will be recorded on Thursday 15th October, 2015 from 5:30pm at The Rampersad Brothers Ranch, Raju Trace, San Francique Village in Penal. The jackpot for the popular Pick-A-Pan contest will be $1,150.00 cash sponsored by The National Flour Mills. Music will be provided by The Rampersad Brothers Orchestra of Penal.  The recording session is free and there will be many giveaways. For more information please visit or call 797-4690.

Khayal Mohammed
Mastana Bahar Productions

Meanwhile, the following contestants are scheduled to appear on the first semifinal round of the Mastana Bahar 2015 competition:-
1.  Seema Singh
2.  Davika Ramdhan
3.  Taradath Bridgemohan
4.   John Boodoo
5.  Nisha Beharry
6.  Vishnu Ramkaran
7.  Sufyan Zafar
8.  Dhanraj Singh
9.  The Freeport Tassa Drummers
10. Tadia Bruce
11. Salisha Heerah
12. Omar Samaroo
13. Selvyn Kennedy
14. Berry Baboolal